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Russian woman Dating Advice from iDateAdvice

Russian women love masculine men. In other words, if you are a blue-pilled beta man, you can’t get high-quality Russian girls. Maybe some gold-diggers will want to date you, but they will still leave you when they realize that you want to go Dutch with them due to the blue-pilled mainstream western culture these days.

The ideal guy that can attract most Russian ladies is someone like Christian Grey – handsome, dominant and generous. Russian beauties dislike incompetent losers who don’t know how to dominate women in the bedroom. Thus, you may benefit from reading Fifty Shades of Grey if you are keen. Alternatively, you can watch Fifty Shades of Grey movies (I think there are three movies on DVD).

Dating consultants from point out that it’s important to work on yourself constantly if you want to keep a Russian girlfriend. That means you need to become interested in self-development. That’s because many Russian stunners are ambitious women who want to become high achievers and they can’t stand dating men who don’t have ambition. Sadly, education is always less profitable than entertainment as most people want to pay for entertainment rather than education. Consequently, modern books are badly-written nowadays & good self-development books are very rare. However, you can still read some classic self-help books that were published several decades ago.

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